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The Oncom survey company is operating since 2000 year. The company is characterized by wide experience, professionalism, reputation and individual approach to each client.

The scope of work of Oncom survey company depends on the clients demands. When performing inspection the Oncom survey company strictly follows the clients instructions to obtain the ultimate protection of customers interests. The reliable and effective information about the cargo, carrier or any other clients properties helps to get full idea of current situation on any stage of forwarding process.

The activity of Oncom survey company allows to reduce the potential risks of the customer while storage, transportation and loading of their product.

The main asset of Oncom survey company is our inspectors. The experienced and professional surveyors which can be fully relied on are involved in our company.

Oncom survey company is much grateful to its client for the fruitful cooperation. This collaboration is the great honour for us and we fully try to justify the clients reliance.

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Tel.:+7 (8202)
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Tel.:+7 (8202)
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Tel.:+7 (8202)
Skype: info_survey


Oncom survey company is performing survey services on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belorussia, Baltic countries. The scope of inspection services includes:

  • Continuous cargo quantity and quality control while loading/transshipment/discharging;
  • The cargo quantity determination on river/sea vessels by Draft Survey method;
  • The cargo quantity determination on railway transport by weighing empty and loaded railcars;
  • The product quality control while storage, transportation, loading and discharge;
  • Tally inspection;
  • Sampling as per the working standards;
  • The full revision of inventory holdings kept in the warehouses to check the factual cargo availability;
  • Confirmation of the products presence and its condition against the bank guarantees;
  • Logistics, freight and maritime law consultations;
  • Preloading inspection;
  • Confirmation of cargo compliance with its in-line documentations confirmation;
  • Confirmation of cargo packing and marking condition;
  • Scales equipment checking;
  • Transport readiness for cargo loading and transshipment;
  • Reports, certificates issuing;
  • Any products chemical and physical analysis in accredited and assigned laboratories.



Tel.: (8202) 54-12-47, 54-12-48


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